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With technological advances, access to ocean data has increased dramatically, including information on the state of the ocean and its resources. Through Ocean+ Library, identify the online data and information you need to make decisions about what matters to you.

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How can these be used?

Marine and coastal data can be used to support a variety of activities and purposes. These have been grouped into five themes and examples for each are provided in the sections below.

Marine Spatial Planning

Marine spatial planning involves allocating space to different marine and coastal activities to ensure balanced and sustainable use of the marine environment. Marine and coastal biodiversity data can be used to identify priority areas for management or conservation and to guide spatial planning processes.

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Marine datasets can tell us about our relationship with the ocean, both in terms of how it supports us, and the impact that we have on it.

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Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) examine the anticipated environmental effects of proposed projects and begin at the design stage. Suitable data are required to support the prediction and assessment of potential impacts an activity may have on the marine environment.

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Ecosystem Assessment

Marine and coastal datasets can help users understand biological, ecological and oceanographic characteristics of a feature of interest. Relevant data are essential to assess and respond to changes in condition.

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Ecosystem services and natural capital

Natural capital and ecosystem services underpin our economy and society, and are therefore directly relevant to policy and business decision-making. Improved data enables the development of ecosystem valuation indicators that can be incorporated into the management of government and business.

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